Manifesting Money is EASY to do.
I'm serious! And in this 3 hour Course, I'm going to show you exactly how.
Details below (keep reading)... 
Want to know how much money I manifest every day?

Over $1000.
Every. Single. Day.
I'm not kidding.

And, of course, I intentionally created my reality to be this way. Trust me when I say: 
You can, too.
Introducing my:
3 hour Masterclass to Manifest Money
Yours Now for $199 $155
*This course was a pre-recorded 3 hour Workshop + in depth Workbook.
Here's Exactly What You'll Learn in this Course:
I'm going to share with you exactly how I've created a reality where Mega-Money flows to me easily and effortlessly so you can make that a reality for yourself, too.


Get Clear on Your END RESULT & Embody It

  • How to choose the exact amount of money you should manifest (it's different for everyone but there's a protocol to use to know you're manifesting the right amount)
  • ​How to truly EMBODY the STATE OF THE WISH FULFILLED when it comes to having this amount of money already
  • ​​​Learn exactly what to THINK and FEEL to Manifest Money
  • ​What "living in the end" is when it comes to money... and what it is not (this is a very important distinction that can make or break your manifestation


Manifest Money WITHOUT Knowing HOW or WHERE Money Will Come From

  • ​How to Manifest Money (Live in the End) if you have a source of income already
  • ​Also, how to manifest money WITHOUT any knowing of where it'll come from
  • Understand how you don't have to take any action for money to come to you
  • ​Learn that money is NOT dependent on ANY outside Source... it's only dependent on your INNER SOURCE
  • ​Learn how you can manifest money no matter what circumstance you're in... money is always available to you


Overcome Fear, Worry, Doubts & Limiting Beliefs About Money

  • Eliminate LIMITING BELIEFS, FEARS & DOUBTS about Money (which block it from coming to you)
  • ​Discover how to not pay attention to the 3D reality when it comes to money (and to instead live in the end result)
  • ​Use my secret technique to dissolve all fear about money, forever
  • ​How to train yourself into a state of Inner Abundance, and not waver from that state
  • Develop Total Confidence and Expectation that you will receive money every single day... as much as you want


Build a Wealthy Self Concept

  • ​When you KNOW you are Wealthy, you will become Wealthy
  • ​Learn the secrets of building your Self Concept as Wealthy before it happens
  • ​Learn the best journalling practices to shift your Self Concept very fast
  • ​Discover exactly how to potently use your Imagination to FEEL yourself as Wealthy NOW (which is the KEY to creating wealth)
  • ​Feel Wealthy NOW - that's all you have to do to manifest wealth


Your Spiritual Nature IS Wealth

  • ​Finally understand (& FEEL) that your Spiritual Nature IS ABUNDANCE
  • ​When you feel this Truth, Manifesting Money becomes EASY
  • How to actually feel “IT IS DONE” (when you feel you have money, it comes to you naturally... there's no other step you have to take!)
  • ​Understand the Truth of "non action" when it comes to manifesting money... that you literally do not have to earn money... you just have to KNOW $$ is already yours and it will be
Also, as soon as you join you'll receive a 70 page Workbook designed to get you into the STATE of the WISH FULFILLED... that you have tons of Money.
This Workbook will get you into the State of the Wish Fulfilled (feeling wealthy!) again and again, Magnetizing Money to you!

It's yours the moment you sign up so you can get started feeling wealthy right away.
70 page Workbook! - Easily Worth the WHOLE Price of the Course! 
What You Receive When You Purchase This Course:
  • 3 hour Manifesting Money Video Download: Shelly gives you a comprehensive plan of EVERY STEP you need to take to Manifest a lot of MONEY into your life
  • 3 hour Manifesting Money Audio Download: If you prefer to hear Shelly's teaching through Audio, you have that option, too
  • 70 Page Epic Self Love Workbook: Use this incredible Workbook to get you into the State of the Wish Fulfilled of having money... the #1 Step you can take to powerfully Manifest Money to you
How Much? $199 Only $155!
*This course was a pre-recorded 3 hour Workshop + in depth Workbook.
You can sculpt your reality to MANIFEST any amount of MONEY you want.
All you have to do is Embody the Wish Fulfilled of KNOWING this Money is yours... 

And it will be so.
I'm so excited to show you how.
Join Now! 
Yours Now for $199 $155
*This course was a pre-recorded 3 hour Workshop + in depth Workbook.
So Much Love, xo

Shelly Bullard, MFT
Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, 
Manifestation Coach & Expert
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