Learn the EXACT STEPS to Manifest $5000 like it's the easiest thing in the world... so you can master the art of manifesting money indefinitely. 

Live Masterclass with Shelly Bullard... details below... 

1.5 hour pre-recorded Masterclass + 42-page Workbook

$200 Just $99
Investment: $200
Only $99
Do you FEEL…
• STRESS, FEAR, or get OVERWHELMED when you think about money?
• Are you sick of continuously feeling like there's "not enough" or like you can never get ahead with money?

• Do you find it hard to manifest money into your life?
I understand you, because I used to feel the EXACT SAME WAY with money… not so long ago. 
But now… I’m only a few months shy of becoming a self-made multi-millionaire. 

And I PROMISE you...
Here’s the thing about

Once you understand and implement the EXACT STEPS to manifest money, you can literally manifest ANY AMOUNT you want. 

And I mean ANY. 

But not only that…

Once you get into the practice of manifesting money, it becomes really easy to manifest larger and larger amounts. 

I’ve learned and implemented the principles myself to COMPLETELY TRANSFORM my reality with money… 

I went from someone using a credit card to pay rent not that long ago (because I had ZERO cash) to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire

In an unbelievably short span of time.

And if I can do it…


I understand that in this moment, it might not FEEL possible to you... But if you're drawn to finally changing your reality with money, I encourage you to give this simple process a try.

Believe it or not, manifesting money is a grounded, realistic practice. 

I’ve not only witnessed it work for myself, I’ve seen it in my clients, too.


1.5 hour pre-recorded Masterclass + 42-page Workbook
In this Masterclass, I'm going to teach you exactly how to manifest $5,000 in the easiest way possible.
But it doesn’t end there...

Because once you learn to manifest $5,000 you can EASILY move onto manifesting $10,000… 

And from $10,000 you can start manifesting $50,000… 

From $50K you naturally go to $100,000… 

And from $100K onwards… 

You get the point.
The sky is truly the limit and the potential of how much money you can make becomes ENDLESS (this is where things start to get fun!)

This remarkable potential of manifesting money can be YOURS if you want it… which is why I’m offering this amazing opportunity to you...

1.5 hour pre-recorded Masterclass + 42-page Workbook

Investment: $200
Only $99

In this sharp, laser-focused 1.5 hour Masterclass I break everything down into

that take manifesting money almost into

I am going to teach you those EXACT 5 steps & HOW to precisely implement them so you can change your reality with money starting NOW.

Once you learn these steps, your assumptions and beliefs about money can change for good. 

The results you get from the Masterclass will speak for themselves - like they have for hundreds of others who I've taught to manifest money.

Here’s what you DON’T need to be successful in this  Masterclass: 

  • An idea or knowing of HOW you will receive or generate this money
  • A high-paying job, profession, or degree
  • Any prior experience or success with manifesting money (I’ll teach you EVERYTHING from scratch!)

Here’s what you DO need to be successful in this Masterclass: 

  • Commitment to IMPLEMENTING the steps you receive in this course
  • The inner persistence to make this your reality
  • Desire to show up for yourself and step into a New Money Self Concept
  • Excitement to make this happen! (*this actually isn’t a necessary step, but it makes the process a lot more fun!)

So if you’re ready to learn these EASY steps to Manifest $5000 Fast and jump into the INFINITE world of money manifestation…

Everyone who joins The Manifest $5000 Fast Masterclass will be invited into my NEWEST full-length course for a DISCOUNTED price...

Learn the powerful codes to manifest $1,000,000 and beyond. 
… And I am SO excited to be the one to show you how!
Are you ready?

1.5 hour pre-recorded Masterclass + 42-page Workbook

Investment: $200
Only $99

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